About Me

Hello Internet! I’m Brad, the writer of this blog.

I’m a enterprise consultant and technical evangelist for Microsoft Azure, and DevOps philosophy and practices. I work at CDW, a leading re-seller of computer hardware, software and supplies for business, government, and education markets. Within CDW’s professional services organization, I work as a Technical Lead for our Azure solution delivery practice and am primarily responsible for contributing to the on-going development of our capabilities as well as ensuring we deliver expertise in designing, implementing, and managing customized solutions and strategies for utilizing services in the cloud.

Most of the time the solutions and approaches I use live only in my head or become tribal knowledge among my closest colleagues. I read a lot of blogs and documentation when searching for solutions to problems that often lead to inspiration and ideas that have helped tremendously throughout my personal and professional development.

This blog is intended to serve as documentation to myself, as well as shared knowledge to anyone who might benefit from it’s information. This blog is my contribution back to the community that has helped me in the past, and continues to today.

My hope is that “future me” will get some value of what I take the time to document here, as well as anyone who happens to stumble upon this blog seeking answers to the same kinds of scenarios I encounter.

I try to regularly make posts but sometimes life gets in the way.


The posts on this blog are provided on an as-is basis with no warranties. All opinions are my own.