Exchange 2013 – Moving and Renaming a Mailbox Database

The default location of a mail database is not really that easy to remember either, so I am going to move my databases from their default location:

That being said, you can either create a new one, or move the existing one.
In this post I am going to move my existing mail database using powershell:
First I need to change the Mailbox Database name to something more suitable.
I do this by logging into the EAC, selecting Servers – Databases – Edit – then change the name of the given database to something like DB01 and then pressing OK.
Then I need to get the exact name of the database:

I used a command like this one to dismount my database:

Now I can move the MailboxDatabase and my LogFolderPath:

Then I need to check the status of my Mailbox Database with something like:

Followed by mounting the database again:

For my own sanity, I finalize this process by running:

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